When we founded Echo, we wanted to do the right thing — for our clients, our customers, and our employees. Our vision was streamlined into eight core values. They help guide the way we do business. The way we treat our clients. The way we treat our customers. And how we treat each other. Together, these values are our compass. Leading our clients and the entire Echo team toward success.

Personal honesty and integrity are the foundation of our success.

We treat every person who walks through our door with respect. Whether it’s a client or an employee, our focus is on building loyal, long-term relationships by meeting their needs and earning their trust.

Our company is a fun and friendly place where teamwork rules.

Months after he stepped down from day-to-day management, our CEO was still greeting employees with the question, “Are you having fun?” Because that’s how our teams grow – having a good time, while working together toward a common goal.

Great things happen when we listen, to our clients and to each other.

We focus on our high level of service by taking the time to understand the needs of every client and employee. And that leads us to new opportunities.

We strengthen our communities, one city at a time.

We owe our success to the people in the cities where we live and work. We’re committed to supporting them and growing together.

Our brands are the most valuable things we own.

Our reputation is everything. And every employee has a stake in protecting our brands and helping our business grow.

We work hard, and we reward hard work.

Running a successful business is hard work. Commit to your responsibilities and your future, and you’ll receive the accolades and rewards you deserve.

Client experience is our way of life.

Our goal is to exceed every customer’s expectations. And that starts with our people. One customer. One handshake. One delivered promise at a time.

Our doors are open.

Ours is an inclusive environment. From employees to customers to business partners, we embrace the differences that make us successful and unique.

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