Are you ready to own a part of our business? This is your opportunity to be part of and take the lead on high-impact campaigns that compliment your course!



Our goal is that each year over 50% of our graduate trainees are former interns. Our internships are open to students from a wide range of backgrounds and provide a real first professional experience from day one. ​​​​​​​Get ready to gain skills, experience and confidence at an unprecedented pace. We’re looking for determined achievers who are prepared to create their own success, and ready to throw themselves into major responsibilities. You will be paired with an assigned manager and mentor that will guide your way through your internship. Feedback and professional coaching are a key part of your intern experience.



“During my Placement I learned so much. Even with no experience, my mentor always took me into consideration and allowed me to propose new things and ideas for the campaign.” says Nischel, now Senior Executive. We’re looking for the kind of minds who take risks, thrive in ever changing environments, inspire those around them, and are driven to have an impact in the world.



Calling graduates, it’s your chance to take control and disrupt the Field Marketing industry! Put your ideas to work. Make campaigns that matter, things that make business better. Unleash your creativity by solving business challenges and making meaningful changes for you and for all while being coached by top Echo Executives. Your Echo adventure starts here!

Level up your teamwork skills

Everyone is open to share and collaborate at Echo. You'll be surrounded by people who care deeply about the work they do, and endless opportunities to learn from them.

Hone your craft

Growth happens when we experiment, take risks, get out of our comfort zone, and learn new skills. We will encourage you to do all those things.

Kickstart your career

Wherever work takes you, the Echo internship programme will prepare you for the skills and experience to make an impact. And who knows, like many of our interns, you might return or join us full-time.


Share amazing experiences with people who care deeply about collaboration, growth, and the work they do.

Learn about our programmes

We offer three core global programmes. Explore each of the tabs below for more information on the regional requirements and qualifications.

Apply for an internship and spend your summer enhancing your skills, sharing your ideas and making a difference in the real world.

Programme components:
  • Impactful assignments that drive business results
  • Growth in key areas of sales, leadership and business administration
  • Networking sessions and leadership speakers series
  • Team-building experiences
  • Anticipating to achieve UK 2.1 GPA or Equivalent, student pursuing a bachelors or masters degree.
  • Innovative thinking and thoughtful risk-taking
  • Ability to partner across the organisation
  • Sound communication skills

Echo has a placement development programmes providing future graduates with development opportunities and exposure. You will not only enhance your professional growth and skills, you could even launch your Echo career.

Programme components:

  • An immersive skills development event focused on learning about Echo’s business and customers, and experiencing our purpose-driven culture in action
  • Networking and mentoring opportunities
  • Career conversations to identify opportunities for learning and exposure
  • Ongoing support and feedback to help you develop and build on your strengths
  • A holistic learning and development curriculum designed to enable competency-building across five key learning themes in addition to on-the-job learning opportunities


  • Predicted to achieve UK 2.1 GPA or Equivalent, penultimate year student pursuing a bachelors or masters degree.
  • Graduating seniors pursuing a bachelor’s degree

Echo’s Management Associate Programme is an 6-12 month rotational leadership development program for graduates with a degree, and is focused on building general management skills. Take on a new level of learning and growth, and you may have accelerated career opportunities throughout the company. The programme is comprised of development across three distinct business units related to the company’s needs. Some of the placement rotations include:

  • Sales and marketing: learn our Onground Approach
  • Leadership: take on real responsibility by leading marketing teams
  • Business administration: be trainined on legal, admin, finance and HR
  • Travel opportunities: spend time abroad to understand the global nature of ours and our clients’ business

We are looking for talented students who demonstrate:

  • Interest in a long-term career in marketing and management
  • Strong evidence of leadership potential
  • Proven track record of achievements both academically and professionally
  • Excellent communication skills and executive presence
  • Strong analytical skills and ability to analyze large amounts of data and condense it in an insightful way
  • Ability to create and present persuasive analysis

Explore our opportunities

To those who believe in creating a better life for everyone, everywhere, we’re interested in hearing from you.

Frequently asked questions

Who can apply?

Internships at Echo are open to anyone, not just students. Experience and education come in many forms, and we love when people create their own path. Just be sure to read postings on Linkedin fully for application requirements.

When do you hire students?

Generally, we hire interns for Summer and Winter, for 8 or 12 week internships. Applications will open about 3 months in advance of a term. Placement programmes will usually last between 6 and 12 months.

How do I apply?

You can apply online through the provided link on our website openings page, or through Linkedin.

Are they all sales and marketing internships?

No way! While our focus is on internships in Field Marketing, you don’t have to be a marketer to intern at Echo. Our internship opportunities vary depending on business needs.

What kind of projects are given to interns?

Psych! We treat interns like full-time employees. You’ll work on real projects, with dedicated mentors, and have a real impact on the work, our direction, and our culture.

Are they paid internships?

Absolutely. We compensate our interns competitively so they can focus on learning, growth, and building for the long term.

What do you look for in an applicant?

Passion, curiosity, and authenticity. We love working with people who are passionate about their work and the problems they solve. We look for constant learners, who ask a lot of questions, and learn beyond what’s expected. We hire people who are genuine, and truly themselves in every situation.

What is the team structure? Where do interns fit in?

Team structure will vary, but all interns can expect to be welcomed by a team, and hit the ground running. You’ll be paired with a mentor who will show you around and help you grow, and you’ll work alongside full-time team members on the projects they’re working on.

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